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Royal Pavilion - view of the entrance on the platforms side

Milano Centrale - The Royal Pavilion

Designed by Ulisse Stacchini and inaugurated in 1931 as the Savoy family’s pleasure-trip departure point, it has now been restored to its previous splendour thanks to the major restoration works carried out by Grandi Stazioni Spa in concert with the Milan Superintendency for Architectural Assets, completed in March 2007. As its visitors walk along its inlaid floors through a corridor lined with fine furnishings, mosaics and marble decorations they breathe the air of the past, in an almost surreal stillness that contrasts both physically and emotionally with the frantic bustle of the thousands of passengers who pass through Milan Central station every day. The Royal Pavilion consists of two spacious halls on two floors:

Royal Hall

View of the Royal Hall
The Royal Hall, on the first floor, is accessed directly from Track 21: it extends over 416 m2 and can accomodate up to 245 persons standing and 100 seated; it is adorned with “historical furnishings”, with 50 chairs and an air conditioning/heating system.

Arms Hall

View of the Arms hall
The Arms Hall, on the ground floor, accessed from Piazza Luigi di Savoia 1/26, also measures 421 m2 with the different capacity of the Royal Hall (100 persons standing and 50 seated); it too has noteworthy furnishings and drapery and an air conditioning/heating system.
The unique and particular nature of this location makes it especially well-suited to host events, gala dinners with cold buffets on the first floor and hot buffets on the ground floor (the use of gas cookers is not permitted), private parties, press conferences, meetings and photography shoots. 

Both floors must be set up.


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