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Rendering of the project - the new shopping centre

Firenze S. Maria Novella - New project

Through the years, box-partitions and extensions for commercial facilities and services have been installed in the Firenze station that have considerably reduced the perception of its spatial harmonies and detrimentally affected significant portions of this important and both historically and architecturally very valuable building complex. The new project - designed by Marco Tamino - foresees in the first place the restoration and valorisation of its spatial values and historic finishings by eliminating all the cluttered additions accumulated through the years.

The new station concept

This first phase involves measures that will not have a significant visual impact on the building complex nor significantly alter its present state.
A fundamental aspect of the new approach foreseen for the internal mobility system is the recovery and reutilisation of areas beneath the main body of the station so as to create new spaces for services. The shops already present on the first basement level will therefore be supplemented by a new services centre designed to serve both travellers and local citizens and capable of triggering off the progressive transformation of the station into a more welcoming, attractive and vibrant urban environment. To assure access to the services centre and parking areas and improve the connections between the various levels of the station and the outside environment, a new stairways block will be built that will connect the central gallery with the basement floor.
In addition, during this first phase the first set of works for the restoration of the main gallery, the station furnishings and fixtures and its constructional and decorative elements will be commenced.
The second phase of the programme, involving the preservative restoration of the complex, will be conducted following the time-schedules, specifications and methodologies that will be identified in an ad hoc project that is to be drawn up and agreed upon with the Superintendency for Architectural Monuments.

rendering of the project - the new escalators

External works

A series of works have been defined that can assure an improvement in the functional and environmental quality of the areas around the station, involving the execution of a series of rehabilitation and reorganisation works concerning this zone and its existing equipment (shelters, service spaces for vehicle mobility and public transport, pedestrian routes and underpasses, garden areas).
The project foresees the construction of an underground parking facility for motorcycles at a level -4,30 metres below the surface level of Piazza Adua, extending for 2000 m2 and with a capacity of around 420 motorcycles and motorbikes.
In the area facing via Valfonda, the existing parking area for cars and motorcycles will be reorganised as an underground parking facility and the surface-level spaces will be reserved for traveller accompaniment use. The railway station piazza will be resurfaced for both pedestrian and vehicle traffic, safeguarding and valorizing the garden areas.
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