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Grandi Stazioni Česká republika s.r.o. (GSČR) is the Czech company responsible for managing the three contracts for upgrading, refurbishing and operating three railway stations in the Czech Republic: Prague Central, Karlovy Vary and Mariánské Lázně, entered into in December 2003 by Grandi Stazioni Spa and Czech Railways - České drahy.
The company’s stock-ownership structure is as follows:
- Grandi Stazioni Spa: 51%;
- EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development ): 39%;
- SIMEST Spa (Società italiana per le imprese all’estero): 10%.

Its corporate mission is the revitalization and subsequent operation of the three stations in keeping with the standards of service typical of the Grandi Stazioni management model.
The company started the upgrading work on Prague Central Station in December 2006, and in December 2007 the first new commercial areas were opened to the public. These will be followed by others in accordance with the timeframe agreed to with Czech Railways.

Prague - The city and historical centre

view of the city The city
Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is a city of considerable political, economic, cultural and tourist importance, both nationally and internationally. It covers an area of approximately 496 square km and has a resident population of 2 million inhabitants (11% of the Czech population). Around 40% of the entire country’s retail trade is concentrated in Prague.
The non-resident population of Prague is constantly growing; it currently amounts to some 300 thousand persons, with very promising future growth prospects. Over 7 million tourists visit the city every year.
map of Prague - position of the "Golden Cross" The historical centre
In the historical centre, still largely occupied by local retailers, several multinational chain brands (including Bata, Kenvelo, New Yorker, Mexx, Tango, C&A, Benetton, Moser, Trexx, Cottonfield and Humanic) have opened stores in the prime shopping area known as the “Golden Cross”, in the vicinity of Na Prikope, Vaclavske Namesti (Wenceslas Square)1 in Narodni.
The arrival of a large number of foreign-based retailers to the city and the availability of new commercial premises (Broadway Passage and Slovansky Dum) is set to expand the prime shopping site in the direction of Namesti Republiky2 and Tesco3 on Narodni. Other significant shopping streets are Celetna, Zelezna, the southern and eastern sides of Starometske Namesti4 and Parizska (where Louis Vuitton, Dunhill, Hermes, Swarovski and Salvatore Ferragamo are located).
The high streets of Prague are still the predominant Eastern European destination for international retailers, thanks to the abundance of tourists. It is estimated that 40-60% of the sales revenues of retailers in the prime shopping streets are from tourists. 

Prague Central station

External view of the station - Prague The station is located in the heart of the city, within easy walking distance of the main attractions, and is well connected with the underground railway and tram and bus network.
The station consists of two buildings, the more recent New Hall and the historical Fanta Building, divided by a main road. The New Hall is where the primary services (ticketing and toilets) are located, along with almost all the retail outlets and service facilities, while the Fanta Building accommodates the ancillary services (offices, dormitories) and several shops.

Traffic flows

View of the entrance - Prague New Hall The station is one of the most important intermodal exchange points in Prague. At present, over 80 thousand persons pass through the station every day to board a mainline/regional or underground train, totalling 35 million persons per year.
A high rate of medium-term growth is expected in these flow rates, due to the new future urban transport services foreseen by _Ceske drahy, the closing of the Masarikovo station and relocation of its traffic to Prague Central, the opening of the new underground railway line D, and increased traffic on line C. It is estimated that the current flows will more than double to about 177 thousand persons per day, with an annual traffic flow estimated at around 65 million persons.

The new concept

Interior view of Fanta building - Prague The concept for the new station was developed so as to preserve the present functional division between the two existing facilities (New Hall and Fanta Building).
The primary and secondary services have been relocated on the basis of visitor flows, operating a distinction between the different functional identities of the various sites.
The new strategic layout will:
• provide customers with an impression of the station that is up to their expectations, with clear routes and easy access to services;
• facilitate recognition of investments and the new functional roles of the premises;
• mantain the architectural vision of the stations, in keeping with the philosophy of the projects developed by Grandi Stazioni.
Front view and section of the new project - Prague


You can contact Grandi Stazioni Česká republika at:

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