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Gonin Room - interior view

Torino Porta Nuova

In 1864, when Turin was the Kingdom of Italy’s first capital city, prestigious premises were designed for the ticketing hall, famous for being housed in the “Escutcheons Hall”, and the first-class waiting room, formerly the “Royal Room” and also known as the “Gonin Room” from the name of the court artist who painted its frescoes. Inside this room is a cycle of paintings dedicated to the elements of Nature (Earth Water and Fire), depicted by the mythological personages who represent them. The paintings at the four corners instead depict the four continents - Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas – in the form of maps held by angels cavorting in the air. Every detail of the room, including the ceiling, has as its common denominator the use of “trompe l’oeil” technique, giving the visitor the impression of a portion of virtual sky glimpsed amongst a profusion of balustrades, capitals and columns typical of the period’s baroque proclivities.

Gonin Room

Gonin room - interior view
Today this space is still furnished with items of furniture dating back to those days, such as the presidential table and the delightful little armchairs, particularly well-suited for various types of conferences of a certain level. Access is through an internal corridor, on the side facing Via Nizza.
The room measures 75 m2 and can host up to 50 persons. It is equipped with a table microphone and floor lamps, and is highly suitable for conferences, conventions, meetings and work get-togethers.
 It is not possible to organise catering services inside it.


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