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Mission and vision


Grandi Stazioni valorizes and reinvents public space by transforming the property complexes of the major railway stations into “urban piazzas”. No longer soulless places of passage, these stations are set to become services centres among the busiest in Europe: meeting places, shopping malls, venues for the arts and special and cultural events.
With over 1,500,000 m2 of real estate and over 600 million visitors per year, thanks to overall investments of 750 million euros to upgrade and refurbish the internal and external premises of the network, the stations are being transformed into enterprises with a great economic potential, capable of providing new business opportunities and quality services.

The aims of the project are to:
• restore to the general public a number of buildings of great architectural interest and cultural and social value
• create new poles of attraction, socialisation and exchange
• reinvent the role of passengers by transforming the time spent in a station into a pleasant and fun experience
• satisfy needs
• anticipate desires


Our management model is based on the know-how gained in respect of the needs of station visitors and passengers and on leading-edge concepts of urban space valorization.
The creation of a venue “on a human scale” designed to provide services and opportunities to travellers and the public alike is based on the following key principles:

security: by combining “passive” security devices (SOS posts, video-surveillance, anti-intrusion and access control systems) and “active” security measures (policing), the monitoring and control of the station premises is guaranteed around the clock.

• information: all station services, from ticketing to digital noticeboards, from waiting rooms to signage, have been reviewed and redesigned to improve and simplify the use of the facilities and for message coding  purposes.

• accessibility: breaking down architectural barriers is an essential feature of the upgrading programme. A special focus has been placed on meeting the needs of bodily disabled or sense-impaired persons, with respect to accessibility, tactile routes and maps, emergency calling-posts, lifts, help-desks, toilets and benches conforming to the applicable standards.
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