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Turin, 4th February 2009

On Wednesday, 4th February, in the presence of the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Mr. Matteoli, the President of the Region, Ms. Bresso, and the Mayor of Turin, Mr. Chiamparino, Ferrovie dello Stato and Grandi Stazioni inaugurated the new refurbished areas of the Torino Porta Nuova mainline station. After three years of works, Italy’s third busiest railway station will now be offering both passengers and residents renewed and extended premises and services.
Designed in 1860 by Alessandro Mazzucchetti, to celebrate the newly established Kingdom of Italy, the station was never formally inaugurated because when it was completed, in 1868, Turin was no longer the country’s capital. The present refurbishment project, which required an investment of 45 million euros, has comprised the architectural renovation and functional upgrading of premises for 50,000 square metres, 15,000 of which are now dedicated to service, retail and catering facilities, while 13,000 square metres of premises have been restored with the creation of new pedestrian flows and the installation of escalators, lifts, mezzanines and glass-partitioned areas.
The pedestrian flows have been reorganised and now focus on the central area of the station, creating an access, by means of escalators from the hall of the new underground station (the city’s new underground railway line is the first entirely automated line in Italy), and developing the so-called "Magnolia Garden" area into a piazza featuring both primary and secondary services. The covered walkway on the via Sacchi side of the station building has been freed of cars and the arches closed by glazing, thus reclaiming a space with a high architectural quality, which can be used for retail premises or services for passengers and the general public. Two sets of stairways/escalators and three circular stairways with panoramic lifts link the ground floor and the new mezzanine floor built between the central gallery and the two side wings.
The work at Torino Porta Nuova station is scheduled to continue throughout the year, to allow the staggered opening of the new retail premises. Once the shops have been finished and fitted out, the station will feature about 70 new shops, to suit all needs, bars and restaurants on 2 levels, open 365 days a year from 8 am to 10 pm.
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