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Offices and warehouses

Major railway stations located in the heart of the city feature an extraordinarily concentrated flow of people, goods and information beyond comparison with other urban contexts.
Main station complexes constitute multifunctional interaction and aggregation poles open 365 days per year, featuring prestigious brand outlets, restaurants, travel agencies, banks, post offices, health clubs, exhibition venues and museums, and, of course, rail-related services.

The thirteen railway stations of the Grandi Stazioni network are the largest in the country, in terms of size and traffic volumes, handling hundreds of trains per day - local, regional, long-distance, domestic and international services â€“ underground lines, bus terminals, trams and airport shuttles.
The stations’ central position, their numerous urban and extra-urban connections, strong visual impact and the outstanding architectural value of their buildings ensure the uniqueness of these complexes, which are becoming more and more livable, as meeting-places and as springboards for business activities.

Working together with Grandi Stazioni means having a single contact and drastically reducing costs and time for businesses.

Grandi Stazioni provides the opportunity to develop new business opportunities together with its commercial partners, in an extensive and promising real estate environment.

With over 240,000 m2 of office space and over 100,000 m2 for storage use, Grandi Stazioni offers a unique business opportunity.

Available Premises/Property Offers

To know the latest available premises contact our office


If you want to receive further information on the availability of office or storage premises in our network stations, download and fill in the special Form and send it to us by email or fax:

Contract Relations Office 
tel  +39 06 478 411
fax +39 06 4823 915

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