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Milan, 13th December 2008

The new Milano Centrale station was inaugurated on Saturday, 13th December, concomitantly with the maiden voyage of the new High Speed rail service, in the presence of the Authorities and the representatives of the industrial and real estate sectors. The refurbishment and restoration of all the monumental parts of the station, as well as the service facilities for the general public, the new pedestrian flows and the interchange with the underground railway have now been completed and reopened to the public. The works, carried out by the Rizzani De Eccher temporary consortium, for 120 million euros, were completed in absolutely unique conditions, without ever closing down the station and without unduly inconveniencing the 320,000 passengers passing through it every day to catch one of 600 trains from 24 platforms.
The project priority was to restore all the monumental premises, in partnership with the local Heritage Preservation Authorities, bringing it back to its original character.
60,000 square metres of renovated premises, 23,000 square metres of public thoroughfares, 30,000 square metres dedicated to retail and catering, 16 new escalators for a total of 530 metres, 23,000 square metres of vaults and canopies restored and over 11,000 square metres of new marble pavings and cladding, are the highlights of this urban renewal project, also aimed at the overall regeneration of the station’s environs.
The project also provided for the refurbishment of the premises below the Galleria delle Carrozze and the platforms, beyond the Main Hall, for the creation of a new services centre. The Central Station is set to become a quality shopping, leisure and entertainment venue for local residents, commuters and tourists alike. The station houses banks, a post office, car rental companies, a tourist information centre, currency exchange offices and a pharmacy, and features a broad assortment of 80 retail shops and restaurants on four levels, open 7/7 days from 8 am to 10 pm, including major high-street stores and chains such as the Feltrinelli the bookstore, with a four-storey 2,600 square metre shop, Benetton with 1,400 square metres, Nike with 1,000 square metres and many more. There is also a 2,000 square metre Coop supermarket for food shopping and a further 5,000 square metres of food shops and catering establishments and wine bars, offering from traditional Italian to Oriental cuisine.
The works for finishing and fitting out the retail premises are starting now and will be completed during the first half of 2009: the shops are set to be opened on a staggered basis throughout the year.
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