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Firenze S. Maria Novella

S. Maria Novella station in Florence includes two extremely prestigious locations: the Presidential Palace building and the Ticketing Hall. The Presidential Palace has, in turn, 4 halls it makes available as prestige venues - the Royal Hall, la Conference Room, the Spiga Room and the Pollux Room - plus an outdoor space, the Fountain of the Arno, located by the entrance portico of the Presidential Palace.

Presidential Palace

External view of the Presidential Palace - Firenze S. Maria Novella
The Presidential Palace at Santa Maria Novella, near Santa Maria Novella station, was built as a temporary stopping-place and residence for the King and his court. The building, whose structural architecture was designed by Giovanni Michelucci while its pictorial and sculptural decorations are the work of Italo Gamberini and Pier Niccolò Berardi, is distinguished by the use of precious materials for its interior decoration and the sophisticated delicacy of its details and finishings.
The structure, projecting in relation to the wing along Via Valfonda, develops from a basic plan measuring 28 metres along the sides, internally organised around the Royal Hall, flanked by two vestibules on the long side (the Atrium and the Spiga Room) and surrounded on the opposite sides by the king’s personal room (Pollux Room) and the ministers’ room, with relative bathrooms.
The outer facing consists almost entirely of peace-coloured Carnic marble, used also indoors on the walls, with contrasting cornices of solid white Carrara marble, while the floors of the passage gallery and the ceremonial arcade are paved with green alpine serpentine.

Royal Hall

Interior view of the Royal hall - Firenze S. Maria Novella
Located on the ground floor of the Presidential Palace, with a surface area of 198 m2, it can accomodate around 140 persons standing up and 120 seated. It is equipped with a heating system and is suitable for holding exhibitions, fashion parades, press conferences, meetings and events of various types, with the possibility of organising hot and cold buffets. It is totally unfurnished, but a table large enough for 6/8 persons and 80 chairs can be provided upon request.
view of the courtyard

Conference Room

Located on the first floor of the Presidential Palace, it measures 126 m2 and can accomodate around 70 persons. Equipped with an air-conditioning system and with somewhat spartan structural characteristics, it is suitable for holding conferences, meetings and exhibitions. It is not possible to organise catering services here and it must be fitted out in toto.
Interior view of the conference room - Firenze S. Maria Novella

Spiga Room

On the ground floor of the Presidential Palace, adjacent to the Royal Hall, it measures 122 m2 and can accomodate up to 70 persons. Equipped with an air-conditioning system, it is unfurnished and not suitable for catering services. This handsome and unusual setting is a prestigious location for conferences and meetings.
Interior view of the "Spiga" room

Pollux Room

On the ground floor of the Presidential Palace, adjacent to the Royal Hall, it measures 53 m2 and can accomodate 50 persons. It is carpeted, with antique historical furnishings and it also has an air recirculation plant. It has neither technical equipment nor fittings, and is not suitable for catering services.
Interior view of the "Polluce" Room

Fountain of the Arno and its valley

In front of the Presidential Palace’s entrance portico, at the corner between Via Valfonda and Piazza Adua, is a “U”-shaped space measuring 378 m2, with a long basin paved with blue mosaic tiling, edged with marble and adorned with a group of statues representing the Arno and its Valley. It is an ideal place for holding special events, gala evenings, concerts and fashion parades.

Main hall

View of the main hall - Firenze S. Maria Novella
The main hall of Florence’s Santa Maria Novella station, known as the “Departures Hall”, is an impressive indoor space divided into three naves by giant pillars clad with alpine green marble, and paved with pearly alpine serpentine. Its walls are covered entirely with Siena yellow marble, with the contours of the openings framed in the same white Apuan marble that is used for the ceiling, which is 10 metres high.
Its vast iron and Thermolux glazed wall concentrates the light in the central nave, which is 12 metres high, giving life to a rich symphony of colours. The surface area measures 162 m2 (9x18) and it can accomodate up to 100 persons. It is a perfect place to hold special events, exhibitions and concerts. It does not have any particular furnishings or fixtures, however, and must be completed fitted out for such purposes.


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