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Torino Porta Nuova

Torino Porta Nuova - night view
Torino Porta Nuova is Italy’s third-largest station, with around 192 thousand transit presences per day, 70 million per year. Located in corso Vittorio Emanuele II, it occupies a strategic position in the urban fabric and is the city’s major hub for public transport lines; it will also be the intersection point for the metro line currently under construction. It hosts around 350 trains per day.


exterior view of the station in 1908 - photo from FS archives
Torino’s Porta Nuova station dates back to 1861, when works first started on the project by engineer Alessandro Mazzucchetti. Its design combined the strictly functional with the representative and monumental characteristics typical of the buildings facing onto piazza Carlo Felice.

On the occasion of the 1911 Universal Exposition, some major enlargement works were carried out to make the station better suited to receive its numerous visitors.

In 1940 some significant changes were made to provide better premises for the district and postal offices, and a large building was built on via Nizza. The entrance hall was given a new reinforced concrete roof, and on the main front a second glazed facade was installed inside. In the course of successive alterations, the two galleries that flank the wings of the two buildings were built.

The head gallery was built in 1951: 30 metres wide and 150 metres long, with a load-bearing structure consisting of 33 trestle trusses with a knee-shaped profile, placed crosswise.
view of the main hall before the current requalification
Following the alterations made in the 1950s, the entrance hall of the station is accessed from the five entrances in the original facade, after which there are two opposite and parallel pedestrian routes leading to the tracks front; other transversal passages open onto via Nizza and via Sacchi.


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