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Net profit is up by 15 million euros (+12%)
Operating revenues stand at 193 million euros (+10 million euros)
Investments total 67 million euros (+9%)

Rome, 5 May 2009

The General Meeting of the Shareholders of Grandi Stazioni – a Ferrovie dello Stato SpA group company part-owned by Eurostazioni – was held today and approved the company’s financial statements for 2008.
The company, led by the CEO, Fabio Battaggia, reports Operating revenues for 193 million euros, up by 6% compared to 2007.
Gross investments in 2008 total 67 million euros, up by 9% compared to 2007.
The company has posted a net profit for 2008 of 15 million euros, up by approx. 12% compared to the previous year, primarily as a result of less taxes.
Grandi Stazioni Česká republika, in which Grandi Stazioni holds a 51% stake, also reports a net profit of 243,000 euros, for the first time; during the year, the company made investments totalling almost 14 million euros.
The General Meeting has resolved to apportion the 2008 profit as follows: 12 million euros, equal to about 80% of the total, to be distributed among the shareholders, while the remaining 3 million euros will be allocated to the extraordinary reserve.
The Directors have been reconfirmed for the 2009 – 2011 term, with Mr. Mauro Moretti as the President.
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