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Verona Porta Nuova

Verona Porta Nuova - frontal view
Verona Porta Nuova, located in the city centre, in Piazzale XXV Aprile, is a transit station that receives an average of 68 thousand transit presences per day, 25 million per year, with a traffic flow of 300 trains per day. In the vicinity of the railway complex, the Intermunicipal Bus Terminal assures connections with the main towns in Verona’s hinterland and with the other provinces in the Venetian region.


historical photo of the station - 1900
Verona Porta Nuova was first build on the basis of a project by Dini between 1914 and 1915, and was rebuilt after the second world war with the same general layout, following the project drawn up by Narducci.

The station is characterised by a difference in level between the external piazza and the tracks. This structural factor has had a determinant effect on the distribution of its services, which are organised following a very rigid functional scheme: on the same level as that of the external piazza, the Travellers Building was used for services addressed to the public, while on the upper level, that of the tracks, was dedicated to the various railway services.

The metal roof-structures sheltering the platforms are in the Liberty style, while the roof of the central block and the two lateral wings are made of reinforced concrete. The skirting boards of the internal walls are clad with marble from the Verona district, while the floors are mosaic tiled, with ceramic tesserae.
During the 1990s some major structural and functional changes were made to both the exterior and the interior of the station, such as the addition of new glass-walled volumes on the piazza and altering the main front.

Present situation

view of the main hall
The railway station consists of several levels:

• the basement floor, occupied by railway structures;
• the ground floor, consisting of various buildings including the Travellers Building, while the side adjacent to Piazza XXV Aprile houses commercial activities and passenger services, and the other building structures on the west side are occupied by technical rooms and offices;
• the track level, used chiefly for travel services and some commercial activities;
• the first and second floors, which contain offices.

The station has recently undergone restructuring works, with resulting renovation of its building structures and furnishings.


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