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Venezia S. Lucia - New project

Rendering of the project

The new station concept

The project designed  by Marco Tamino foresee the reorganisation of the station’s internal transit flows, the restoration and rehabilitation of its architectural values and the functional redefinition of its primary and secondary services.

They will be carried out in three phases: firstly, the reorganisation of the head building and lateral wings. In the second phase, the restructuring of the railway district building, while the third phase foresees the urbanistic reorganisation and building restructuring of the entire north-west sector.

The opening of new passage-points will facilitate pedestrian mobility and quick access to the tracks area. The entrance hall will become a primary and secondary services pole featuring the main travel service structures, shops and bar and restaurant services. The ticketing office will be reorganised and all the primary and secondary traveller services will be upgraded. In the security sphere, the project foresees increasing the number of surveillance personnel and the creation of a Control Room for the continuous monitoring of the entire station complex.
Rendering of the project

External works

The external infrastructures connected with the requalification of Venice Santa Lucia station involve outside finishing works on the Grand Canal front: the equipped pedestrian route along the canal bank; enlargement of the terrace in front of the building to be renovated; and requalification of the little square behind the railway district building, which will become the focal point of the pedestrian routes system.

Besides, from the station square you can get a marvellous view on the new bridge by the Arch. Santiago Calatrava, inaugurated on the evening of sept. 11 2008. The 94 metre long bridge, built with Istria stone details and steel and glass structures, connects piazzale Roma with Santa Lucia station, and is crossed every day by thousands of tourists and citizens.
night view of the new bridge by Calatrava - Photo by / Municipality of Venice
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