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photo of a movie set along the platforms

Photo shoots & film sets

These stations are prestigious locations for motion picture sets, as part of Italian and international productions, where many scenes of famous films such as Ocean’s 12, the International, successful Tv fiction serials such as Il Maresciallo Rocca, I Liceali, Un ciclone in famiglia, television ads and musical clips have been shot. Photo and TV shoots can find some unique locations here, in a highly evocative setting, always real, always in motion.
campaign "GrandiStazioni, the movie set of italian history"
If you want to receive more detailed information about the premises and locations available for photo shoots and film sets in our network, download and fill in the special Form (in "Attachments") and send it by email or fax to the contacts below.


Sales and Advertising Office
tel   06 4784 11
fax   06 4784 1369


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