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Commercial partnerships

Grandi Stazioni is the ideal partner for developing a nationwide commercial strategy in privileged city-centre locations with a great architectural impact.
As public meeting-places and venues for social interaction, railway stations stand a cut above any other urban location; the exceptional potential they possess has been underestimated or even totally ignored for far too many years.

Renovated spaces, reorganised flow-paths and innovative services, all designed to meet the needs of travellers and city-dwellers alike as effectively as possible, transform a station into a catalysing focus point that actively interacts with the surrounding urban areas.

The mix of retail outlets is defined through an ongoing analysis of the lifestyles, needs and desires of customers, and by a careful evaluation of the pedestrian flows in the various station areas, to optimize the product ranges, brands and services offered in relation to the different target groups.

Among the brand-owned sales points, those located inside train stations are ranked as "best performers" and become leading showcases for spreading the brand’s image and launching new products.
Engagement with firms looking to start up a successful new business inside Italy’s top 13 railway stations is one of Grandi Stazioni’s primary objectives.

A great focus here is placed on service quality and the creation of stimulating layouts that make customers want to walk in, “stay” and buy, also by creating new dedicated formats capable of satisfying residual/emerging needs, and offering cutting-edge products, brands and services for the most innovative market.

Grandi Stazioni publishes contract notices and sends out invitations to tender to eligible businesses, providing the opportunities to consider and develop new commercial partnerships in its top-rate premises.


If you want to send us your commercial project and receive further information on the renovation and rettail redevelopment projects under way in our network, download and fill in the Form and email or fax it to us at: 

Promotions and Sales Office 
tel.    +39 06 478 411
fax    +39 06 4823 915

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