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Corporate Governance

The Corporate Governance system applied by Grandi Stazioni Spa is inspired by the basic principles of fairness, legality and transparency.
The Company’s organisational and managerial structure is founded on ethical principles shared by all the Companies in the Ferrovie dello Stato group which, in line with its corporate culture, the social context in which it operates and the dynamics of a constantly evolving market, sets the goals that are to be pursued in strict compliance with rules of conduct designed to safeguard the company’s fundamental values.
The internal structure of Grandi Stazioni Spa and its relations with the stakeholders directly or indirectly involved in the achievement of its corporate mission are organised on the basis of precise rules, in keeping with the most advanced national and international corporate governance standards, to guarantee the reliability of its management and the balance of powers while strengthening and enhancing the company’s image.
With the aim of pursuing the above objectives, in accordance with Legislative Decree 231/2001, Grandi Stazioni Spa has defined a Company organisation and management system that is made up of a series of components, namely process management and risk assessment; procedural and organisational protocols; a code of conduct; a disciplinary system; a supervisory body and specific training activities.
The Company has thus adopted its own Code of Conduct, which lays down the ethical principles guiding its activities and sets out the rules of conduct governing relations with its stakeholders and other concerned parties.
The Supervisory Body is endowed with powers of initiative and control. It supervises actual operations and compliance with the corporate model and ensures it is continuously updated.
All the company’s Governance tools are, therefore, subject to constant verification and review in relation to the evolving regulatory framework, operational practices and market, and are periodically monitored by the competent internal structures to make sure that they are being duly and properly observed and applied.
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