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The Code of Conduct of Grandi Stazioni Spa (as per Legislative Decree 231/2001)

The Code of Conduct of Grandi Stazioni Spa is aimed at introducing, and ensuring that the Company abides by, the relevant principles and rules of behaviour designed to reasonably safeguard against the commission of the offences set out in Legislative Decree No. 231 of 8th June 2001.

The Code has been approved by the Board of Directors of Grandi Stazioni Spa and constitutes an official Company document, targetting its Directors, Internal Auditors, members of the Supervisory Body, Employees, Consultants, Collaborators, Agents, Attorneys, and all Third Parties in general operating on the Company‚Äôs behalf in Italy and abroad.

In adopting this Code of Conduct, the aim pursued by the Company is to introduce a system of principles and rules designed to inspire and guide the behaviour of all persons involved in the Company or acting on its behalf, in transactions with both Italian and foreign interlocutors. It is by virtue of this project that the Company can state today, clearly and emphatically, that honesty, confidentiality and legality in work and business are and will always be its most essential values.

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